will love be enough

in your heart I know you
must be so lonely
you are so lonely as lonely
as stone you
are you are lonely as an old
disco song
in a deserted ballroom in a
deserted hometown in a
deserted homeland yes
I am talking about an
endless forgotten song in
the middle of an endless
desert nobody’s left there
nobody there to witness to
do I seem to be crazy
thinking all this
do I seem to be crazy
thinking I m crazy
I think and I know in your
you must be so lonely

I must rather forgive you

will love be enough

I wonder you don’t say a
you dont sight do you even

you must not be affraid of
the night
you must not put your
socks on the other way
you must not cross path
with a black cat
you must you must you
spit tree times the other
way if you by missfortune
crossed path with a cat any
you must love thy brother
as you love your own soul
will love be enough
will it will it will it
you must count your
etceteras etceteras

you must be so many
you must hurt in your heart
I know
you must be so lonely

(Amsterdam, 29 Iunie 2018. MR)